Windows Chicago is a proud leader in the windows replacement industry in Chicago, counted on by many property owners.  We have been providing professional window services in Chicago since 1990.  Our team can handle anything from windows repairs to windows replacement.  Our windows installation contractors in Chicago are the best in the business, happily providing you with a professional inspection, an itemized estimate, and transparent, concise communications through the life of your project.  We are constantly working to ensure we remain a top windows replacement company in Chicago and to maintain Chicago residents’ trust and confidence that we will take care of all their window needs.

The knowledge acquired in our 30 years of experience paired with our commitment to superior quality greatly separate us from other windows repair companies in Chicago. We are enthusiastic about our industry and have a true interest in friendly customer service, quality product delivery, and the peace of mind to know your windows are going to stand up to anything.  Rest assured our team of specialists can provide you with the highest quality windows repairs and windows replacement you can find in Chicago, as well as any additional construction or maintenance issues you might have.  Our expert will attentively assess your current situation and offer you the best options to make sure your windows are back in great condition.  We are proud of our projects as well as all the satisfied customers and will never slow our efforts to be the best.  If you are interested in additional information or would like to request a free estimate, contact our team!

We pride ourselves on being an active partner of Climate Guards Windows, as well as active contributors to the best window producer in the entire Chicago area. We have countless years of experience installing climate quard windows in the area, which has brought us successful results in terms of quality and customer satisfaction. If you need any advice regarding the type of window suitable for your home and free estimates, you can contact our team. They will be happy to help you with anything!



A window replacement needs to provide secure, seamless protection, and may not always be such a simple project. The training and expertise that we bring, can give you the peace of mind that the job is done correctly and that your home is safe. Over the years, it is not uncommon for windows to wear down and need replacing. Allow your home to be fitted by one of our home-edge contractor experts to handle your window replacement securely.


Maintaining your home properly insulated and secure is of the utmost importance here at Windows Chicago. We understand that any damaged window glass or mechanisms needs repairs as soon as possible and one of our professionals can be made readily available to assist you. We take action first by determining whether the glass, frames, screens or seals in your windows can be repaired or whether they need to be replaced. Whatever the case, you can trust in the window experts at Windows Chicago for the job to get done properly.



Windows Chicago takes the best possible scenarios into consideration when choosing the designs that are most aesthetically pleasing while remaining efficient. The right choice of frame, glass, and overall shape and size can make all the difference for your home’s beauty and functionality and our experts gladly guide you on each detail while making your selection. We also provide the best solutions amongst our workers when completing your job, so that the results of your installation can be perfectly executed to your satisfaction in a timely manner.


Be sure to fix any cracked or damaged glass as quickly as possible to prevent further damage from occurring or hazardous incidents. During a consultation with us, we offer you the most effective windows glass replacement solutions in Chicago. Let us give you our expertise when handling all of the details that you need to consider such as which glass to use, how to adjust the right size of the glass, how to position the glass inside the window, as well as any questions that may arise during the process.


Custom windows provide endless possibilities when considering all of the various combinations of color, style, shape, size and material. Whatever you have in mind, Windows Chicago utilizes our vast experience to meet your demands, specifically keeping your home’s aesthetic as a priority while bringing a seamless design with the rest of your home. No matter the dimensions of the space of the integral areas of your home, any size or style of window can be fitted so that the desired look can be achieved.

Windows Chicago specializes in window installation and window repair work, offering its expertise and craftsmanship to the Chicago area. With the experience of our professionals, we can happily answer all of your questions, give you the pros and cons of the various window types offered, and make this overall experience enjoyable with results that leave you satisfied. Making this choice need not be a daunting task once you have our help on your side!


Single-Hung Windows
In these types of windows, the lower sash is designed to move up and down while the upper sash remains on its support.
Double-Hung Windows
It is considered one of the most popular window styles in home window installation processes, as it is practical in terms of cleaning as well as aesthetically beautiful.
Casement Windows
This type of window has hinges on either its right or left side in order to use them easily with its respective handle.
Glass Block Windows
It is a highly valued window in the windows replacement business, as it is frequently used for privacy and security purposes in areas such as the bathroom and basements. It should be noted that they may or may not have vents.
Awning Windows
They are windows that are hinged either at the top or bottom to make their use easier with the turn of a handle. They are similar to Casement windows.
Slider windows
This type of windows is one of the most common in the windows repair business. They have two sashes that slide horizontally from one side to the other, offering excellent views and better ventilation to the room in the process.
Picture Windows
They are fixed windows that do not open or close and are intended to provide an unobstructed view.
Bay & Bow Windows
These types of windows offer a fairly clear view from your room and create an instant focal point.
Special Shape Windows
These are geometric windows that provide your home with a contemporary touch and a traditional aesthetic with beautiful curves and rounded edges.
Triple Track Windows
These windows are highly sought after in the windows glass repair segment, as they are multi-layered, reinforced and weather stripped, which provides strength and stability. Apart from that, they have glass sashes on the tops and bottoms, as well as a bottom screen sash.
Hopper Windowss
Characterized by having good structural performance and thermal capabilities, we have these windows available with inswing and outswing operation.
Utility Windows
In order to meet any need you may have, you can choose between a Residential-Grade Glass Block Hopper Vent and a Basement Escape Window for your install windows service.

If you live in Chicago, Windows Chicago Company is the right choice for your window project. There are several reasons for you to work with us. Take a look at them:

Top-quality resources

The quality of the windows we choose determines how good our job is. As a result, we exclusively install Chicago-made windows with the greatest degree of resilience for all of our specialties including window glass replacement.

We have a very strong team selection process

All of the members of our window installation and replacement crew have been handpicked and recruited for their experience and people skills. We count on them not just for their extremely good job, but also for their attentive and friendly attitude.

Amazing Design and craftsmanship

We find joy in the service and products we offer. Our window installation and replacement team have a lot of expertise and pay careful attention to each and every component of the job so you can be extremely confident about our results.

Client satisfaction is everything to us!

At Windows Chicago our clients are always our main priority. We will always be interested in answering each of your questions with the best possible attitude.

Our team is always on time

We understand how important it is for you to have your results on time. We will make every effort to complete the task on the scheduled time.

Call us and get a proposal of our services

With a precise and detailed estimate, you will always be able to budget for your job, and also understand and feel comfortable during the entire process.


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