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If you are looking to protect your home from the ravages of the weather in the most effective way possible, StormShield windows from Windows Chicago are your best choice. Characterized by extraordinary strength, thin frames, long life and resistance to impacts, dents and cracks, the StormShield features full weather strippings and an exterior reinforcement bar to provide greater protection and strength. In addition, the corners of the windows are miter cut, double screwed and sealed from the inside to avoid drafts.


All Windows Chicago, ClimateGuard windows feature an exterior reinforcement bar for strength and stability, and the window tracks are waterproof. They also have weather stripping that are pulled from grooves in the extrusion to provide greater durability and the corners of the frame are properly cut, double screwed and sealed to avoid drafts and thus guarantee a long useful life and serviceability.

Windows Chicago Describes Popular Options For Stormshield Windows In Chicago

Slider Windows

Here at Windows Chicago we make you a storm 2-Lite Slider Window or a storm 3-Lite Slider Window, so that your sliding windows are always protected against the onslaught of the weather. These sliders have screen inserts on the front of each sliding panel.

Picture Windows

These types of windows are intended to offer an unobstructed view. However, they are fixed windows and cannot be opened or closed.

Triple Track Windows

StormShield triple track windows have sashes at the top and bottom of the glass and a sash at the bottom of the screen. The bottom of the glass sash is fully rachetted every inch for your convenience. It should be noted that all the sashes are removable.

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