Windows Types

Windows Types

Discover our wide home window replacement portfolio, which ranges from styles and shapes to its operation, with the purpose of complementing your home with a contemporary touch. Our ClimateGuard storm window replacements come in the following configurations: Double Hung, Single Hung, Casement, Awning, Slider Picture, Bay and Bow, etc. We also offer several special window styles of our PrimeAluminum and StormShield window series.

If you’re searching for the best windows replacement for your home project, don’t worry about it, as our experts at Windows Chicago will help you find the window that fits your needs. In order to do so, we’ll evaluate the desired area in your home, as well as consider its primary functions, and work jointly with you to understand the aspects that you want to achieve with your process.

Material, Sizing, Color and Finish Options

For your windows service, you can select the window’s material, color and finish options, glass packages, and sizing options (subject to the series type selected).

Double-Hung Windows 
They are the most popular style in window replacement companies when it comes to stylish home decor, given its cleaning process simplicity and its appealing appearance. Fortunately at Windows Chicago, you can choose from our extensive product portfolio in order to find a double-hung windows which covers all your needs.

  • It has two operable sashes that move upwards and downwards.
  • By opening both sashes, the air can circulate without issue through the house: while cool air enters the bottom, warm air exits at the top.
  • Basic cleaning procedures – Just open both sashes and wipe down the inner and outer parts of the window without getting out.

Double-Hung windows has multiple configurations to choose (including your choice of sashes of equal or unequal proportions):

Equal sash
Reverse oriel

We offer Grinds in your window installation in order to enhance any architectural style by offering an extra design touch. We also offer a variety of patterns that may fit in your home’s style and aesthetics. If you want to create a signature look for your home, we’ll work jointly with you to create customized grid designs. We offer the following patterns:

Specified equal light
Short fractional

Single-Hung Windows 
In this type of windows glass repair, the window’s lower sash is designed to move upwards and downwards while its upper sash remains fixed in its place. If you’re searching for the ideal single-hung window for your home renovation program, you can choose any of our three product line-portfolio; because ClimateGuard has you covered, regardless of being a contractor or a homeowner!

  • It has one operable sash that moves upwards and downwards
  • In comparison to the Double-Hung window, it has a more ideal design for areas where the top sash is not easily reached. Therefore, its top sash will not open.
  • Basic cleaning procedures – Just open the sash and wipe down the inner and outer parts of the window without getting out.
  • Classic, timeless design
  • In comparison to wood-framed windows, they’re more energy-efficient and simple to care for.
  • Available in any of our three windows’ series with a variety of sash and grid configurations, as well as color, finishing, and glass technology options.

With the use of Grids, it enhances any architectural style that your home has, especially when it comes to patterns and aesthetics. If you want a particular signature look for your home, we’ll work jointly with you to create a customized grid design. We offer the following patters for the Single-Hung windows:

Specified equal light
Short fractional

Casement Windows 
Feel free to browse around our quality selection of casement windows available at our Chicago facility. As a top manufacturer of premium casement windows, all necessary features are included such as hinges on their right or left side to easily open and close with the turn of a handle. Getting your project done right is important to us here at ClimateGuard.

  • Suitable for any kind of home
  • Can provide a classic, timeless feel
  • Easily functions with a simple turn of a handle.
  • Ideal for areas where the top sash is not easily accessed; virtually indistinguishable from a Double-Hung window except that the top sash doesn’t open.
  • Convenient and easy to clean – simply open the sash and wipe down the inside and outside of the window without ever leaving the inside of your home
  • Energy efficient and easy to care for — requires no painting, staining, or refinishing unlike wood-framed windows
  • Offered in three window series with a choice among sash and grid configurations, color and finish options, and glass technology options

An enhanced design option is available with the extra architectural styles we offer, which come in a wide selection of patterns that easily suit your home’s décor and style. We can even work alongside you to create custom grid designs that best fit the aesthetics’ of your living spaces. Please consider a sample of our patterns for Casement windows of which many more are available for you to choose from: 

Modified colonial
Modified colonial with 2-1/4" rail
Specified equal light
Specified equal light fractional
Tall fractional
Tall fractional with 2-1/4" rail
Short fractional
Short fractional with 2-1/4" rail
Simulated double hung

Awning Windows
The perfect awning window is available for your residence or commercial space. Awning windows that hinge on the top or bottom to provide an easy way to open and close with a slight twist of a handle, makes it a truly convenient option. The added benefits such as being able to bring plentiful light and ventilation to a space that doesn’t fit single or double hung windows, makes awning windows an additional great choice for all of your spaces.

  • Provide clear views and allow maximum, natural light in
  • Ideal for spaces not configured for traditional Single-Hung or Double windows, such as above doorways
  • Hinges from the top or bottom and opens outward, allowing them to shed water easily
  • Great for allowing hot air to escape and cool breezes to come in due to opening at the bottom
  • Energy efficient and ventilation-friendly.
  • Available in UltraView and PrimeAluminum with our glass technology options, along with various color scheme options

The different grid patterns that are available, are offered as an extra design touch that enhances any design or style which allows your home to be fitted to match its aesthetic. A signature look can also be created using custom grid creations, for which a sample of our patterns for Awning windows is available in the following:

Specified equal light
Short fractional

Slider Windows
Slider windows are composed of two sliding sashes that move horizontally from one side to the other, offering maximum views and air circulation. The 2-lite and 3-lite sliding windows we offer, come in a wide range of styles and sizes, and can add a modern feel to your home instead of using traditional single-hung or double window options.

  • Slider windows options come in in 2-lite (two sashes that move left to right) and 3-lite (three sashes, with two that move left to right and one fixed)
  • Slider windows are perfect for high-traffic areas since they do not open past the pane of the wall and are easily to handle.
  • Various color options and finishings, as well as glass technology are offered in all of our four windows series with a variety of grid configurations, options in color and finishings, and glass technology options
  • Classic style and easy to use, these windows offer maximum visibility of scenery and air circulation
  • Energy efficient and improved thermal capabilities

Grids are designed to give an extra touch to your space, whether you are looking for a classy or more modern architectural look. You can also accomplish your signature look by choosing among the variety of patterns offered or a custom grid design that can be created. A sample of the many available patterns for Slider windows can be seen below in the following:

Modified colonial
Specified equal light
Tall fractional
Short fractional

Picture Windows
Made to capture the beauty of picturesque surroundings such as nature or cityscapes, picture windows are fixed in place and do not open or close, are perfect for bringing in lots of light to your space and offer unobstructed views. Such coveted views can be appreciated with the use of our exclusive product lines that are available through ClimateGuard.

  • Stationary, one pane windows that do not open; added safety
  • Provides plentiful light and grand views of outside scenery, in a wide range of shapes and sizes.
  • Can give both a classy or modern look or feel
  • Easily combined with other types of operable windows;great for customization.
  • Offered in all four of our window series with a variety of grid configurations, color and finish options, and glass technology options.
  • Energy efficient and thermal conscious.

Signature looks can be created for your home’s grandest views. Grids offer an extra design option so that any style can be enhanced and made to perfectly encompass the desired look of your home. Our professionals have a wide variety of patterns for you to choose from as can be seen some that are included below:

Modified colonial
Modified colonial with 2-1/4" rail
Specified equal light
Specified equal light fractional
Tall fractional
Tall fractional with 2-1/4" rail
Short fractional
Short fractional with 2-1/4" rail
Simulated double hung

UltraView Bay & Bow Windows
Bay & Bow windows bring a bit of sophisticated style to every room they are in. The flat planes and angular lines provided by this bay window make this a better option for more modern homes. They provide an immediate focal point while showing off a wider view at the same time.
Bay and Bow windows are made up of a shell protruding from your home’s exterior with three or four window panels. A bay or bow window creates a visual impact on the aesthetics of your home’s interior and exterior.

Ultraview Special Shape Windows
ClimateGuard geometric windows’ decorative angles provide a bit of contemporary flare whilst the radius windows’ rounded edges and beautiful curves boost your home’s traditional aesthetic. Select from our varied assortment of factory assembled window options for that unique look you seek.
Have you searched through possibilities offered by different window companies and still not encountered your perfect windows? Our custom window options are ideal for selective homeowners.

Curbed windows

Full circle
Circle top
Circle top w/leg
Quarter arch
Quarter arch w/leg
Eyebrow w/ leg
Half eyebrow
Half eyebrow w/leg

Geometric window shapes

Octagon w/leg
Left trapezoid
Right trapezoid

StormShield Triple Track windows are sturdy and long-lasting, making them perfect for protecting your property from severe weather, drafts, and airborne debris. They are reinforced, weather stripped, and have several layers in order to make them even stronger and more stable. Triple Track windows have both top and bottom sashes, as well as a bottom screen sash. For convenience, the bottom glass sash is completely ratcheted every inch and all sashes can be removed. ClimateGuard StormShield Triple Track windows are made to be durable and practical.

  • Offer added protection for your house
  • Triple Track windows consist of two window panes and half-screen which are placed on distinct tracks so that each independent sash can move freely
  • Every glass track is completely weather stripped. Rather than gluing, all stripping is pulled through grooves in the extrusion in order to increase durability
  • Incredibly thermal and energy efficient
  • Triple Track windows offer excellent protection against severe weather, drafts, and flying debris
  • Available in a wide range of color and finish options as well as glass technology options as part of our StormShield window series

ClimateGuard’s traditional aluminum hopper windows offer a flexibility that allows them to function in a variety of situations, thanks to their solid structural performance and thermal capabilities. You can order our Hopper windows in either an inswing or outswing option. Using their efficient pull handle, you can open our aluminum hopper windows and hold them securely in any position; allowing you to easily clean the exterior. They consist of a full size screen, requiring specific, effective, and convenient ventilation from the top.

  • Hinged at the bottom for opening downward
  • Hopper windows are excellent for blocking dirt and debris from entering your home and can open in both an inward and outward position
  • Astonishingly easy cleaning – use the pull handle to open the sash in order to easily wipe clean the inside and outside of the window
  • Easy to take care of and energy efficient
  • Hot air escapes rooms easily by way of top side venting. Hopper windows are most commonly used in basements and bathrooms
  • Available in a variety of color and finish options and glass technology options as part of our PrimeAluminum window series

ClimateGuard offers an assortment of glass block window styles that complement any space. Although occasionally used for aesthetics alone, glass blocks are commonly used for serviceability. Glass block windows are installed with or without vents and are most often utilized for security and privacy in bathrooms and basements. We utilize the 3” thin line block, which provides infinite options for design. You can install a glass block window vent (or even a dryer vent) or include windows (we recommend Hopper style) in order to provide air flow and ventilation.

We provide a wide variety of glass block window styles and sizes for easy window installation in wooden or brick openings. Our window panels are delivered fully assembled and feature these standard features:

  • Manufactured to the highest new construction & building standards
  • Provides design appeal as well as security
  • Outstanding insulating U/R values of .53/1.89
  • Enhances the security of your home with thick, break-resistant glass blocks that deter potential burglars — excellent for street-level spaces and basements
  • Permits maximum light transmission
  • Built with water-proof masonry cement
  • Ventilation options: Dryer vent or vinyl hopper vent optional
  • Several patterns available: Clarity, Wave & Iceberg patterns
  • Obscured glass allows natural light into your home while still offering privacy. Glass block window installation in bathrooms is an excellent choice.

Select from these glass block patterns to encounter the ideal style for you and your home.


  • Clear, transparent glass
  • Allows for maximum light transmission
  • Usually used in combination with privacy blocks for areas that require visibility
  • Excellent for interior decorative walls in your office or home


  • Our most sought after pattern
  • Appealing marble glass design
  • Random intersecting wave pattern provides privacy by obscuring visibility
  • Easy to clean smooth surface


  • Complex random pattern provides maximum privacy by obscuring visibility
  • Excellent light transmission
  • Provides contemporary style for your home
  • Meant for use in smaller areas like bathroom or basement windows

If you need utility windows, select between a Basement Escape Window or a Residential-Grade Glass Block Hopper Vent for install windows service.

  • Welded main frame provides an air-tight seal and is stronger than mechanically fastened vents
  • Specific fasteners prevent movable sash from becoming loosened by repeated use
  • 1/8” heavy aluminum bar stock hinges for durability and sturdiness
  • Double-glazed vent
  • Dual durometer seal integrated directly into sash
  • V. stabilized vinyl extrusion maintains overall performance and durability, prolonging the need for windows glass repair or window replacement
  • Strong installation bond provided by extrusion-designed key locks
  • Available with frosted or clear double-glazed glass in a standard white frame
  • Fiberglass charcoal screen maintains bugs outside


  • Heavy gauge vinyl extrusion
  • Superior strength provided by welded main frame
  • Air-tight seal
  • Double-glazed sash
  • Screen easily pushes out from the inside
  • High visibility latches and locks
  • Dual durometer seal integrated directly into sash
  • V. stabilized vinyl extrusion provides overall performance and durability, prolonging need for windows repair or windows replacement
  • Available with frosted or clear double-glazed glass in standard white frame
  • Custom sizes available