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ClimateGuard Vinyl Windows

With ClimateGuard Windows, you can add value, style, and energy savings to your living and workspaces. Windows Chicago has been around since 1975, providing the best vinyl windows on the North Side of the city. We install doors, vinyl windows, and ornamental ironwork that we manufacture in our local facility. Our wide selection of windows is also unmatched in Chicago, ideal for contractors and homeowners to check out. Discover the newest styles, operating types, and shapes of ClimateGuard Windows to complement your home.

Vinyl Windows Customization
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Check out our customized window sizes and a wide variety of configuration options.

We offer black vinyl windows and other colors, styles, and types like geometric and radius.

Vinyl Windows Types You Can Find Here
Prosource & Ultraview Vinyl Windows

Prosource Windows

Play with different window shapes, styles, and operating types to realize your ideal windows at home. ProSource windows come with reasonable prices, are easy to maintain, durable, and energy-efficient, making them the best choice for new construction and any remodeling project. The upgraded structural integrity of these vinyl windows provides better impact resistance, superior thermal efficiency, and flexibility. They also provide a layer of protection against condensation and act as an insulator. Our windows withstand extreme weather conditions and maintain their original color for a long time.

Double Hung Vinyl Windows
Single Hung Vinyl Windows
2-Lite & 3-Lite
Slider Vinyl Windows
Picture Vinyl Windows
Special Shape Vinyl Windows

Ultraview Windows

Check out our selection of UtraView window styles, operating types, and shapes to keep your home in style. Aside from our double hung vinyl windows, you can also choose from our wide array of window types to find what is best for your space. UltraView windows are popular among remodelers and builders because of their watertight seal, durability, and easy installation. Excellent for new construction or vinyl window replacement, they feature a combination of traditional craftsmanship and advanced engineering with structural performance, Energy-star certified efficiency and superior durability. This series has what you need as it includes a wide range of finish options, designs, and custom sizes to personalize your home.

Double Hung Vinyl Windows
Single Hung Vinyl Windows
2-Lite & 3-Lite
Slider Vinyl Windows
Picture Vinyl Windows
Special Shape Vinyl Windows
Casement Vinyl Windows
Baw & Bow Vinyl Windows
Awning Vinyl Windows

Features & Benefits Of Our Vinyl Windows

Our company recommends UltraView Vinyl Windows as they are ideal for any building and remodeling needs. It is energy-efficient, versatile, maintenance-free, and they are offered at a reasonable price. If you want windows that are stylish and practical, UltraView is your best choice. It has a design that completes a clean, simple look of a home, maximizing the viewing area. For homeowners who aim for an energy-efficient abode while on a budget, UltraView is an option that can satisfy your needs. ClimateGuard ProSource windows offer aesthetic, energy efficiency, and reliability that will last for the years to come. Aside from our top-notch vinyl window repair, you can save money from our standard vinyl as it is energy efficient, environmentally responsible, and never needs painting.

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Vinyl Windows Replacement - When and how?

When it comes to the replacement of windows in a house or apartment, we know that it is an undertaking that requires careful consideration, with several issues to think about. Although the currently available vinyl windows are a modern and practical solution and replacing old windows with new ones is often a necessity, the choice of type, brand, or style is important, as is the decision on the method of installation. So, when it comes to vinyl window replacement work, where do you start?

Preparing for a vinyl window replacement is a critical part of your window replacement process. With weather a consideration, it is preferable to do your vinyl window replacement work  in spring, summer and autumn, as this will ensure that the installation is more efficiently done than it would be in winter, and the low temperatures outside mean winter work could make your room too chilly.

When it comes to vinyl windows replacement, precise measurements of the window openings should always be made, with some clearance between the opening and the window frame always needed. This ‘expansion gap’  prevents the profiles from deforming during their use, allowing for a tight connection of the window with the wall using anchors and sealing foam, a benefit of vinyl windows replacement work.

One of the critically important early stages of a vinyl windows replacement job is the removal of old windows and the cleaning and alignment of openings, a process that includes removing all fragments that are not part of the building walls, i.e. plaster, mortar and caulking. For vinyl windows replacement where cavities  are found left in the walls after disassembly, it is necessary to prime and fill them with mortar.

During any vinyl windows replacement project you should remember that the frames should never be in contact with the wall, so that no forces from the walls are transferred to them. This means that any vinyl windows replacement products must always be smaller than the opening. With our vinyl replacement windows, the frames are fixed to the wall with anchors or dowels, and the whole thing is sealed with special foam, which insulates well, cushions and compensates for differences in tension.


Is it possible to repair vinyl windows?

Any type of windows repair Chicago residents rely on depends on the type of damage to the window. Glass in windows may be replaced by filing a claim on your window warranty or by contacting a glass specialist for professional window glass replacement. Screens and hardware on windows can also typically be repaired or replaced. It is unlikely for the window frame itself to break but if it warps or cracks, it cannot be repaired, it is necessary to replace the entire window unit.

Do vinyl windows require much maintenance?

One of the largest advantages of a vinyl window is that they require very little maintenance.  You basically need to simply clean the window a few times a year to remove buildup from leaves, bugs, or dust.  The material used does not require application of paint or sealant.  Yet, it is significantly more complicated to stain or paint a color other than the original one from the manufacturer when compared to wood.

Is it possible to obtain vinyl windows colors other than white?

Absolutely. Vinyl windows are available in colors other than white. They have become increasingly popular during the past few decades and now you can encounter them in basically any color if you investigate the appropriate manufacturers. Always remember that the darker the color of a vinyl window frame, the more likely it will absorb heat as time passes. This heat can cause faster warping and could also cause the colors to fade over time, requiring window replacement Chicago property owners prefer.

Are vinyl windows ideal for each room in my house?

100%! Our energy-efficient vinyl windows can improve each room in your home and help to save on your cooling and heating costs. Vinyl windows are long-lasting, incredibly durable, and need minimal maintenance.

Are you convinced you need to replace your windows but do not know which ones to choose? If so, our vinyl windows replacement products are made using modern technologies that are designed to significantly improve your comfort of living, your safety and the aesthetics of the interior and facade of your property.