5 reasons to choose vinyl sliding windows

If, while planning a window replacement in Chicago, you cannot decide which window is best for you, we will present the advantages of the Windows Slider window in the article below. Currently, there are many types of windows on the market. Most homes have different types of windows.

This is a good time to change the look of your home. It may be tempting to insert windows of the same type as your old ones, but you have the opportunity to rethink and choose windows that may fit better in your home.

If you have vertical windows, a sliding vinyl window will be the perfect choice – a window with one opening glass or with two opening panes. Each of these windows has its own advantages. Double-opening windows will be very easy to keep clean from both the outside and inside.

Quickly get some fresh air with vinyl windows in Chicago

By opening the window, you can quickly make the room and the air cleaner. Sliding vinyl windows tend to be wider in opening, so they can let much more fresh air into the room.
They are therefore an excellent choice for rooms where there may be moisture (for example, washing machines or bathrooms).

Secure your home with ProSource Windows

Sliding windows open easily from the inside, but it is impossible to open them from the outside. Thanks to the use of durable locks and seals, you can sleep well. It is not possible to open these windows with a crowbar. And if you choose ProSource Window Series you can be sure your home is safe. These windows have an improved integral structure to have better impact resistance and flexibility, as well as excellent thermal performance that prevents condensation and acts as an insulator.

Convenient and easy to use

As mentioned before, sliding vinyl windows are easy to open from the inside. Just use one hand to open the window. It is worth taking this into account if you want to install a window in a hard-to-reach place, for example above the bathtub.

Maintenance-free windows – you practically do not need to do anything

Opening windows are equipped with a simple system of guides and rollers for opening. Systems in other types of windows may wear out over time.
It is enough to keep the window clean so that you do not have to call the service or replace the window with a new one. Every now and then a little rail lubricant should be applied to keep the windows operational for many years.

Save money with energy efficient windows Chicago

Unfortunately, replacing windows costs money, but it is a cost that will pay off! By increasing energy efficiency by replacing windows in Chicago, we can save money on heating bills. Vinyl sliding windows are well protected against heat loss. As you know, it makes no sense to heat the outside, it’s better to heat your home. Additionally, by choosing ThermaForce Window Series pane, you are able to shorten the return time of window replacement in Chicago!

Choose vinyl windows

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