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The Benefits of a Double Hung Window
You won’t be able to see the difference between a single and double hung window from the exterior of someone’s house. Nevertheless, if you pick the double hung option over the single hung, these are the benefits you’ll get as a homeowner.

Cleaning is simple
Cleaning windows is a chore that no one enjoys, especially if they have to hire someone to do it. Simply tilt in the top and bottom sash and clean the exterior with double-hung replacement windows. There will be no more climbing ladders. You won’t have to hire someone to clean them for you anymore.

Improved air flow
In rooms with only one window this is very essential. A double-hanging window allows you to slightly open the top sash and the lower shell so that air is fresh from the very same opening.

Extra cost explanation
Manufacturers charge extra for double-hung replacement windows. Nevertheless, because of the improved air movement, we may be able to reduce our dependence on our air conditioning. You’ll quickly discover that the extra expense is well worth it if you never have to pay someone to clean your windows again.There’s really no way to measure the extra security advantage of peace of mind. A double hung window has a better return on investment than a single hung window when it comes time to sell your house.

Additional safety level
You may be concerned that youngsters stick into an open window screen and tumble out if you have children. Double hanging windows simply bring down the top sash and spend some quality time without fear when you wish to open the window. Opening down from the top also lets you keep the windows open overnight or just come into your house if you are not comfortable.

We’ll Assist You in Replacing Your Windows
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