Window replacement or window service for winter?

Do your windows allow cool air to enter your home throughout the winter months? Are you concerned that you may require windows repair Chicago residents often require?  Check out our article below to discover the best way to remedy window replacement in your home. The true test of our windows’ efficiency, tightness, and durability comes in winter, it is wise to perform some simple procedures that will help the windows to better endure the hardships of this season prior to the thermometers indicating below zero temperatures. Windows that have been properly prepared for low temperatures are predominantly a guarantee of a warm home as well as money savings on heating bills.

Stage one: complete window cleaning
As you begin, you should first thoroughly clean all windows. But, do not clean them on a sunny day, as in these circumstances the water dries swiftly and tends to leave difficult-to-remove streaks on the cleaned surface. Cleaning the windows on a cloudy and relatively warm day is the best plan.

Soft cloths without any seams are perfect for this project. Particularly absorbent microfiber cloths are ideal for this. They tend to collect dirt and dust incredibly well, without damaging the clean surface in any way.

Ventilators should be cleaned at the same time, i.e. appliances that provide fresh air in the winter without allowing the interior to cool down. If your window has an integrated ventilator, it should be removed and rinsed in water with detergent.

Stage two: examining the technical condition of the windows
The best time to assess the technical condition of each of your windows is when the windows are clean. If the window is leaky or it is difficult to open or close it, it is possible that the sash fittings’ moving parts and hinges are not functioning properly. If you are experiencing this, it is a good idea to appropriately prepare your windows for this winter and follow up with regular maintenance.

Stage three: Maintenance and adjustment of windows
The best idea for window service Chicago homeowners recommend is to have your windows adjusted by a professional company before winter to ensure that they are correctly prepared for the imminent cold temperatures.  We must increase the pressure force of the window sash to the frame, utilizing the screws located on the sash hardware, in order to adjust the PVC windows for winter.   We need a special wrench with which we will adjust screw tightness to increase the pressure in order to adjust the window fittings.

Be certain to use a non-corrosive detergent and clean all the moving parts of the PVC window hardware and window hinges then lubricate them with petroleum jelly, silicone grease, or special oil. This helps to prolong the life of these components and make our windows function seamlessly.

Could you use some assistance for putting your windows into winter mode and avoiding the window replacement Chicago residents dread for at least a season longer? Get in touch with us and we will adjust or repair your windows and save you money!