A Window Fix or a Window Replacement in Chicago?

Replacing your windows will always give the newest and most secure seal against winter weather, but it’s not always necessary. A window fix might be your less costly solution. Freezing temperatures, as it is with high heat, can have an impact on your windows. When your windows become warped or have damaged frames and seals, it affects the comfort level in your home. But how can you protect your windows in the winter and what can you do to keep the cold from getting into our home? Usually, there is no need for window replacement, as Chicago professionals can provide the right window repair. Here are three steps you can take to ensure your windows get you through the winter:

1. Adjustment
For many, the only time they will have anything to do with their windows is when they open them on a warm day or when they are cleaning. But it’s vital to ensure your windows are in top form in every season or you risk damaging the window’s woodwork. Both wooden and PVC window frames expand and contract during temperature swings. This can result in damage or gaps forming allowing cold air to penetrate. To avoid this, there is a simple window fix. Adjust your windows, especially where the frame corners meet. By making the necessary adjustment to the hardware, you can eliminate gaps.

2. Seal Replacement
Gaskets around your windows can wear out over time to allow air to pass through. Before winter begins, check the status of your window gaskets. Replace any that are worn or damaged to reactivate a proper seal. This may be difficult for you to do on your own, so a window repair expert can help do it right.

3. Eliminate Gaps
Gaps can form anywhere around your windows, from the junction of the sash to the frames, and also between the frames and the windows themselves on the sill area. These can occur due to poor insulation during the window installation. If your polyurethane foam was not fully protected against moisture or it was deformed, this can create airflow through your windows that you don’t want.

The best way to handle this window repair is to dismantle the window sill and fill the gaps properly. This can be difficult for the average homeowner, so calling in a professional is the ideal solution to help you avoid getting window replacement in Chicago sooner than you need to.